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heya luckies!! lol... lucky star reference! XDD well me and akira actually have the same birthday as it turns out so... >.>" ahem! anyways~ its nice to be (somewhat) back here on deviantart again~~ ive missed everyone!! sadly my art hasnt improved much since last time i was here on da all the time... anyways update time!!

well lets see... hmm i told u guys that ive started back up at school to earn my high school diploma right? well if not then i just did so.. XD well ive made lots and lots of friends this year!! oddly this year i did a complete 1/80 and now i can completely can go upto random strangers and start talking to them and become friends!! <3 it helps if your in the same class at school so you can start a convo about that too but also the over day when i went shopping in the city with a friend (the first person i ever just walked upto to become friends with) and there where these cool cosplayers sitting in front of us on the train and  so i started talking to them and we're now friends ^^ i think just last year after i first went upto someone and started talking to them (my friend jade and the girl from the train, she has a deviantart account too! i think its jade lemon cakes?) and then i started just casually talking to peope all the time (complimenting them on there bags, clothes, etc) and then suddenly this year i can tak to people! yay!! we got a new kitten for the family! her name is bells and shes Tigers kitten~<3 i got a new laptop for my birthday! :) 8gb!! >w< im gonna be going to a convention this year with lots of people!! the one i goto everyear~ met alot of fellow nerds/cosplayers! gonna start making youtube videos this year! as soon as i get to a place with a good wifi connection where the laptop im borrowing doesnt die 2 minutes before its done uploading... school is fun!! im doing a comic creating class as my literacy requirement!!! :D and a cooking one as my numeracy requirement!!! whoo!! >3<

and now for the depressing news of the year.....

my cat Tiger of seven years ran away and he probably died and my nanna just died today (from when im writing this on 10/3/15) so yeah.... on one hand its like its gonna be the best year ever and from the other its gonna be the worst year ever.. i get the feeling that its all related to me understanding life and growing up. like a coming-of-age story deal? like im learning to come out of my shell on one hand and  learning to accept life and the things that will happen in it at the same time. is my life a manga now? itd be easier to deal with all this if it where cause itd just be fiction. though its comforting to think that my nanna was religious and beleived in heaven tho im an atheist i beleive/accept that all religions can/are real. seriously my views on religion are complicated for ppl to understand.. though i also belive/scared shitless of demons and such. if you dont believe in them go study up on string theory and how the other side. the demon world, fairy world, etc are all meant to be connected to our world but there all meant to exist in a way that we can properly see, like in 4 dimensions or something yknow? oh and btw about the fairy thing, fairies are meant to be all earth spirits, including demons, not tiny flower fairies (tho their cute) and you should go look up old fairy lore about being raped, kidnapped, basically fucked up by fairies(demons) and the good "fairies" are more like angels (but pagan ones) so yeah earth spirits.. talking about all this helps me think of my nanna and cats souls stil existing in some way with the universe.. :)

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Bobbi Lena Dyer
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hiya! my name is Bobbi Lena Dyer! my favourite colour is green, i love cute frogs so my nickname is Froggy, i love drawing, reading, sewing, animals, watercolours, photoshop, wacom, minitures, shopping, music, writing letters, stationary, stckers, anime, manga, money O_O, cooking, yaoi, making friends, ecchi(both genders), upcycling, recycling, japan, the enviroment, nature, learning, workibng hard and seeing my hard work pay off, manners, etc etc note me if you eant to get to know me! i wont think your a creeper but be respectful if you wanna compliment my appearance though! :| i want to become a freelance artist and move to america, england or japan. i'd like to publish my own manga in english and one day have a daily deviation or 1000 watchers though popularity isnt that important id like to be remembered for my art and my kindness when i die ^^

my tumblr:
im also on j-box if you wanna buy me anything from my wishlist :D

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i dont draw furries/anthro, hentai, yuri, tentacles, fan art/oc's(unless its for cash or points), bdsm, animals without people or humanoid beings, sexist art, really muscly or fat people
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Nelson C.,
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Since I wouldn't have been able to do some birthday muro drawings, I got two extra drawing copies, so...
Believe it or not, two birthday muro drawing copies I made, of chibi Haruhi Suzumiya and Mikuru Asahina wishing you one, so, wishes 'n' luck!
Click on them:……
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